Most of these tracks are available for licensing

You Too

genre: Alternative Rock | keywords: guitar, riff, anthemic, uplifting

Highway 98 (Kaibito)

genre: Alternative Rock | keywords: acoustic guitar, electric bass, sitar, atmospheric

Fall Is Here

genre: Acoustic | keywords: acoustic guitar, cello, arpeggio, romantic, atmospheric

Fushimi Inari

genre: Ethnic | keywords: koto, atmospheric, mysterious, ethnic, japan

Hot Coffee

genre: Electronic | keywords: synth pop, ostinato, 70’s

Nyc Block Party

genre: Electronic | keywords: pumping, saxophone, riff, grooving

Southern Thing

genre: Rock | keywords: funky, rhodes, guitar, hammond organ

Soon Tokyo

genre: Electronic | keywords: chillout, synth, downbeat

Red Rocks

genre: Alternative Rock | keywords: guitar, riff, upbeat


genre: Ethnic | keywords: moody, mysterious, uplifting, sitar, classical guitar

Bossa Per Bonetti E Kozerski

genre: Retro | keywords: whistle, 60’s, whimsical, tongue in cheek

Chemical Love Song

genre: Electronic | keywords: futuristic, retro, synth

French Cocktail

genre: Lounge | keywords: vibes, tongue in cheek, playful

Before The Battle

genre: Orchestral | keywords: orchestral, serious, dramatic

Mushrooms Garden

genre: Electronic | keywords: whimsical, strange, sfx

No Sunshine

genre: Alternative Rock | keywords: ostinato, midtempo, pizzicato, relaxed, melancholic

Rice Fields

genre: Electronic | keywords: chillout, peaceful, relaxed, clean

Traveling Bansur

genre: Ethnic | keywords: flute, peaceful, soaring

Morning Coffee Shuffle

genre: Electronic | keywords: synth pop, 70’s, synth

Lake Night Drive

genre: Orchestral | keywords: moody, dramatic, dark, mysterious

Baz Tango

genre: Tango | keywords: violin, tongue in cheek, jealous

2nd And 9th

genre: Electronic | keywords: aggressive, ethnic, india

Call Me

genre: Rock | keywords: whistle, dan electro, tremolo guitar


genre: Electronic | keywords: ostinato, electronic, grooving, brazil

10 Ocean

genre: Rock | keywords: guitar, riff, grooving

Got To Have It

genre: Lounge | keywords: lustful, jealous, dramatic, latin

In The Garden

genre: Film | keywords: piano, mysterious, moody

Toy Factory

genre: Orchestral | keywords: mysterious, kids, pizzicato


genre: Electronic | keywords: chillout, downbeat, moody


genre: Electronic | keywords: dreamy, mysterious, slow


genre: Mashup | keywords: strings, sfx

Mello Retro

genre: Alternative Rock | keywords: mellotron, flute, piano

Lenina S Tango

genre: Tango | keywords: accordion, tongue in cheek, playful, pizzicato

Neo Classics

genre: Acoustic | keywords: trumpet mute, strings, romantic, peaceful


genre: Orchestral | keywords: uplifting, happy, triumphal


genre: Orchestral | keywords: mysterious, uplifting, dramatic

Song For You

genre: Orchestral | keywords: romantic, peaceful, strings


genre: Electronic | keywords: chillout, piano, downbeat

Vegas Night Patrol

genre: Electronic | keywords: dark, moody, midtempo, beats


genre: Easy Listening | keywords: chillout, positive, relaxed, sitar

Brazil Chill

genre: Electronic | keywords: electric bass, chillout

Circus Freaks

genre: Circus | keywords: funny, strange

Brand Storm

genre: Electronic | keywords: ostinato, aggressive, pumping

Dream Above The City

genre: Acoustic | keywords: guitar, relaxed, dreamy

Enabled Partner

genre: Children | keywords: acoustic guitar, dobro, whimsical, playful

Inspired Collaborations

genre: Electronic | keywords: synth, beats, midtempo

Ocean First

genre: Rock | keywords: guitar, riff, grooving

Ocean Second

genre: Lounge NU Jazz | keywords: saxophone, wurlitzer, jazzy

Ocean Third

genre: Electronic | keywords: chillout, vibes, acoustic bass, grooving

Trusted Expertise

genre: Orchestral | keywords: strings, piano, serious, serial

Waking Up Elsewhere

genre: Electronic | keywords: dreamy, atmospheric

Wedding List

genre: Orchestral | keywords: accordion, happy, positive, romantic

Tokyo Doo Wop

genre: Electronic | keywords: vocalism, upbeat

Simple Song

genre: Lounge | keywords: melodic, whistle, trombone, whimsical

Wow Experience

genre: Mashup | keywords: sfx, happy

Cobble Bossa

genre: Lounge | keywords: bossa, flute, vibes, trombone

Cue Me

genre: Electronic | keywords: chillout, downbeat

Heights Bossa

genre: Latin | keywords: harmonica, chillout

High Ball

genre: Electronic | keywords: futuristic, downbeat, atmospheric

Untrue Fit

genre: Electronic | keywords: happy, upbeat, vocalism

Why Not

genre: Lounge | keywords: vibes, acoustic bass, jazzy

On The Edge

genre: Electronic | keywords: aggressive, ostinato

Bizarre Modulation

genre: Electronic | keywords: vocoder, futuristic

Dna Ball

genre: Electronic | keywords: positive

Eighties Sting01

genre: Music Cue | keywords: 80’s

Eighties Sting02

genre: Music Cue | keywords: 80’s

Eighties Sting03

genre: Music Cue | keywords: 80’s

Eighties Sting04

genre: Music Cue | keywords: 80’s

Eighties Sting05

genre: Music Cue | keywords: 80’s

Eighties Sting06

genre: Music Cue | keywords: 80’s

Eighties Sting07

genre: Music Cue | keywords: 80’s

Eighties Sting08

genre: Music Cue | keywords: 80’s

Eighties Sting09

genre: Music Cue | keywords: 80’s

Going To Chicago

genre: Pop | keywords: horns, happy, upbeat

Hd Toys

genre: Alternative Rock | keywords: mashup, sitar, sfx

Intro Glowing

genre: Music Cue | keywords: futuristic, atmospheric

Intro Tech

genre: Music Cue | keywords: futuristic, arpeggio

Pana Theme 01

genre: Electronic | keywords: chillout, downbeat

Pana Theme 02

genre: Lounge | keywords: chillout, whistle

Pana Theme 03

genre: Electronic | keywords: cello, pads


genre: Orchestral | keywords: sugary, romantic, strings, piano

True Fit

genre: Electronic | keywords: futuristic, upbeat, pads, ostinato


genre: Electronic | keywords: futuristic, arpeggio, acoustic guitar, pads

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